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The Young Foundation for Social Justice and the Arts Inc., a production-focused organization highlighting the untold stories of individuals doing critical work in activism and social justice whose histories too often go unwritten. The Foundation’s approach is two-pronged: to create documentary film content sharing the stories of people working to advance equity and social justice, and to support Black artists whose expression is driven by the social justice movement and our contemporary moment through exhibitions and installations.

We believe..."No place can be made without an artist, and no place can be made whole without art."

and that includes black art 

-Keith Young

Our Mission
Smiling Man with Glasses

Our Mission

To create and to watch others creations change the world in a positive way. Especially, through social justice activism, that focuses on the love and respect that society shares for art.

Our Vision

To connect with and catalyze younger generations through multidisciplinary content, including film, music, and the visual arts. All while telling the stories of the social justice movement.

We Need Your Support Today!

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